Speaking of organizing flea market finds and overflowing stuff, Martin O'Neill is the best person to look up to. He labels his drawers and shelves in a very personal and specific order which no one would understand other than himself. I wish one day I can visit his studio at Hastings

Although it has been a long time since I got the book Dogs and Dice from Magma on my detour to Monmouth Coffee, I can still recall the confusion when I first looked at the book's title, thinking ' okay, it has a very nice cover ( ooo it can be unfolded turning into a poster ), don't know what it's about but if it's around 10 pounds I will get it. ' It turned out to be 12 pounds, and I must say it's worth the coffee money :)


eddixendersson said...
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eddixendersson said...

oh god i really hope i have that space and freedom to organize my things like that at home......
but at the end what i only got is plastic drawers by muji.

by the work it looks like you are totally enjoying your life in England ...that's very very great for you .


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