love her apartment too.

she has some very cool tatoos.


I wanna wake up at home,
I am finding out where home actually is.


My favorite musician+artist (+ my fellow canadian pride) .
must get this.


Have been researching on Wes Anderson's quirks and would like to coordinate it into
a project I am working on.

And another fanatic did this.
The graphics capture all the awkward + quirky aesthetics in Anderson's movies.


looking forward to my date with my friend OhOh tomorrow, and thought of this song.
one of my favourite video.


Have been having a very sluggish 2 weeks,
having tons of sugar doesn't even cheer me up anymore.

Yesterday I decided to have a little outting with my book, ipod and my film camera.
(to be continued..)


recommended by chief-editor of Lula,
now on my spring time movie list.
and this, too.


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