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people watching on big screen.

I have always loved documentary films, little dramas in real life sometimes tell more interesting stories than what's made up. The directors spend 9 months to record everything that has happened in this little American town. Day to day routines, season to season traditions become unfamiliarly beautiful under the lens. Everything looks different under a magnifying glass, stunningly different.

When you start to look at everything, your day will not just be another day.

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Midori said...

i love how you described it, this kind of movie wouldn't interest me normally but i want to see it now! Did you rent it or find it online?

& a recommendation from me! the poster to this film I saw on a professor's door today, it's called "ima boku wa".
it's actually written directed and acted by the same guy, who made a film for the first time in his life. not sure where I can find it but it looks like a really striking film.


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