Had a nice chat with the guys behind It's Nice That at the HudsonBec's studio,
from whether Pritt Stick is considered as technology, to design ethics.
I am well inspired :D

I have to admit that I was very nervous in the beginning.
The one underneath, is the actual script of things I was gonna say on the phone, and I kept cracking my toes, cause I was very tensed...

It turned out well, and I had a great time!


跟一家實力派studio作訪問 有幸拜訪他們的工作室
大夥兒有講有笑, 輕鬆地談了大大小小的問題.

打電話前還先寫下要講什麼, 期間不斷pak腳脂.

最後, 又食又拎,
好開心 :D

I feel honored to have used the Tyreland mug.

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