tick-tock, tick tock

lately, everything seems to be reminding me that there are decisions to make.
there is this voice keep rushing me saying 'it is time, it is time...'

I wish I could just jump to the future and skip this itch of thoughts keep lingering at the back of my head.
I keep telling myself, 'yes, I am free to go anywhere.' or 'I pretty much can do whatever I want to.' ,
yet and yet there are unseen hold backs.

Since I know not what to worry about, but I am worried,
the best thing to do is be prepared to be surprised, and I am sure everything will turn out fine,
more than fine actually. Everything will be great.

I still have plenty of time.

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Pink said...

i just feel the same, exactly the same. thank you for organizing my thoughts and turn them into words for me.:) time is running short and well....
You are cuming back:))))
life is really really full of surprise!


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