avoiding work.

while I was escaping from work,
I stumbled across Julia Frakes' blog/journal.
(I am sure you have seen her in blogs and magazine, she is everywhere.)
It got me thinking about my interests in clothing, and I looked into my closet...
man, don't think I will get any work done this evening.

I try curbing my interest in fashion in a way it won't turn into an obsession.
let's put it this way, I like wearing clothes. clothes that I like.
Fashion to me is more of an appreciation.

There was this disgraceful period in my life when I would try so hard to dress up,
and tried very hard to make a statement with everything I wear,
yet it has nothing to say about myself.

I still like dressing up, but now with a different attitude.
I only put on things I really like, and it reflects bits of my character from the items I picked according to my liking, instead of trying to impress.

oh, and I love shopping with friends.
it makes me happy if I picked something they really like.
it's about knowing their personality and pick something for them, it's an understanding :)

Some people asked if I am interested in styling, and I usually humbly say no.
now when I think about it, why not.
I guess as long as it's not focusing on 'my choice' cause I don't want people to trust in my taste as an authority, but more of creating an atmosphere, a mood,
I will be more than happy to take up the job to share my inspiration.
(below is a photo I sent my friend to let them guess how many layers I was wearing on a snowing day.)

ahh, now I do hope an opportunity will come along... you heard me heavenly Father, hehe.

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a cup of :3 said...

dear d, i am longing for u to return home ......

n our gathering!

miss u always.



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