The Trench

Every now and then I will pop in Burberry to try on a trench coat (only when I don't look too sloppy). I must say it's the most sensible timeless fashion item for yucky British weather. But for some reason, I just never look good in them. Maybe cause of the fact that I am petite, and have a sixteen year-old face which makes me look like I am in my mum's clothes. (my mum's cool and I do wear a lot of her clothes, just the idea of draping in over-sized clothing is not-so-cool.)

Burberry has started a campaign called Art of the Trench, and the website is full of people in trench shot by The Sartorialist and of various stylista. Listening to The Kooks, looking at the cute kids and pretty people rocking the look, in my head I am convincing myself to give it another go.

via The Sartorialist

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Joanne said...

ha, remember when i was looking for a trench last Christmas?! Sometimes I do doubt if i have missed sth by not buying a trench...


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