I like the idea of exploring ruins and abandon places.

I had been on an impressive adventure with Bob H. once. We went to Wedding Card Street ( Lee Tung Street ) which was about to be demolished at Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The roof terraces of the 3-4 storey buildings are all linked, and we walked from one end of the street to the other, gate after gate, going down the stairs occasionally to find an unlocked exit.

I was listening to Piano Magic while browsing through websites I have bookmarked under ruins, which I regret so. Not the most pleasant thing to do when you are home alone....


Phil said...

Hello! You might be interested in some wonderful pictures on Flikr of 'Newport Art College Wales'. I was a student there in the early 80s when it was in good repair. I was shocked to see what has become of it. Saying that, some of the photos are amazing, particularly the monochrome ones by RD Saunders.

├ůsa said...

The pictures from that deserted building are amazing, really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

these pictures are beautiful, they almost look staged. I was wondering if you know this site which specialises in abandoned places? they have pictures of ghost parks, abandoned theme parks, asylums etc, it'd be amazing to visit these places.

I just went into a building you would love, it's actually the building where all the professor's offices are. It's kina dark and creepy, and their doors are a little open so you can peak in. they are all tiny rooms with stacks and stacks of books on bookshelves and on the floors. The building itself is a bit funny too, i got lost in it with the pathways in different angles, it's not even that big though. It reminded me of you, thought you would love it(:

I've been meaning to thank you for the letter which I haven't had the chance to reply to yet. I don't know why but it gave me so much energy. I think you have this special positive power, or energy or electricity, duno what, but i feel like it's had some effect on me! something good. well i gotta go, hope you have enjoy the rest of summer!

Anonymous said...

sorry, i just wrote it without any introduction or ending, this is midori btw!


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