Library I

I have a thing for books and library.
If you ask my friend Katy,who gave me a lift when I moved in, she can tell you how much books I have. Before my mum can drive, we used to take the train home every evening. My mum would pick a book for me from the library, and she would read Reader's Digest on our way home, counting down the 8 stations.

There is a small library at the community center my mum works at ( she has been working there for 20 years now! ) I used to sit behind the counter with the librarian and wait for her to come pick me up. The librarian was an eccentric grumpy looking lady, I thought she never liked me when I was smaller. When I look back, she probably adores me because I was too scared to talk to her, unlike the other kids who often came into the counter and interrupted her. I guess that is why I got the privilege to sit with her and do some stamping and checking out library books behind the dimly lit counter.

That is when I fell in love with old books and library check out cards.


I am planning to rebuild my website, and these are all part of my research.
We shall see how it will turn out :0)

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