slow cooking.

spent my day-off cooking, a whole day cooking.
starting from the stock, starting everything from scratch.
I was cooking five baby aubergines when my housemate left the house, and I was still cooking them when she came back. She probably thinks I am nuts. they had been in the pot for 2 hours, drinking up the stock and flavor.

I was at the kitchen constantly pouring stock over the little aubergines with a ladle. this is what I call slow cooking. it takes a lot of patience, attention and admiration. there are moments I want to lift the lid and peek at a stew when I am not supposed to, moments I do not want to leave the kitchen unattended and moments when baby vegetables or fruits bursting in beautiful colors put a grin on my face. these are everything about slow cooking that I really enjoy.

I am not a great cook, but I love indulging myself in the earthiness of organic food and the stink of onions and garlic on my fingertips. it's the best way to spend a sunny afternoon with occasional showers. :)

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