apart from the heat.

This is my first time staying in London for summer.
In fact my first time staying in London for the whole year, haven't been home, Hong Kong for 8 months now.

I don't miss home at all.
(well I miss proper Asian food a lot, even though they have nice ones here, the experience is still not quite the same.)

Looking forward to explore more and discover a bigger London than the one I already know. I bought new sketchbooks, and am well prepared to fill them with doodles together with splashes of sauces from my foodie adventure, photos of inspiring people and collages with things I picked up randomly on the street.

And all of those, will result in an assignment I have set myself:
In what way does everything communicate?


That was supposed to be an introductory paragraph to what I originally wanted to share, which is an amazing exhibition. With Yayoi Kusama's work, which I have been longing to see them for real!

and works form one of my favorite illustrator/artist Yoshitomo Nara.

All of my friends say I look like the little girl he draws.
humm umm.

Here is the exhibition details:

Walking in my mind.

at The Hayward Gallery
Tuesday 23 June 2009 - Sunday 6 September 2009


Karin S said...

Wow! That sounds amazing, i have to go and see that. I love Yoshitomo Nara and I saw that Pippilotti Rist is in it as well, she's great too (but in a completley diffrent way). Thanks for sharing!

Yee Ting :Denise said...

shall we go together?

Karin S said...

Sure, that be nice!


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