打了 '男孩子喜歡會焗點心的女孩?' 進google.
有點點兒害羞. 也有點點丟臉.

最近有個大困擾/: 我意外地焗了有史以來最成功的曲奇餅, 送給一位打算要跟他發展的好男生及他的同屋. 以答謝到他舍下共用晚膳(他親自下廚, 絕頂親子飯!)只盼他不會會錯意.

/ 他剛打電話過來, 我連接聽的勇氣也沒有.



i can't believe i actually did it.
i typed ' Do guys like girls who can bake?' in Google search.
seriously? (actually, the answers are quite amusing!)
probably because of too much baking / staying home alone for a long while these days.

ah well.

but i am a bit concerned, cause i baked some amazing cookies by accident (my neighbor even says i should sell them) , and gave them to a guy who i am not really interested in dating, for him and his housemates in return of his favor of treating me dinner at his place. I hope he didn't miss out the later part of the sentence, for him and his housemates. Hoping i am not sending the wrong message, cause he just called, i was a bit too freaked out and didn't pick it up.

i have no idea why i am scared.

glad he is not a facebooker and blogger.
i am such a bad person. complex bad person.

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Joanne said...

wa...very brave..i do mean it!!

and i do want to try those cookies!!


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