Rain rain don't go away, sun can come again another day.

- Rain, Priscilla Ahn


買了特價無聊青春少艾DVD, 書, 糧食.
還有陽光, 回程是出了半個鐘頭太陽 :D

看了 10 Things I Hate About You.

放自己一日假, 呀哈哈.

Rainy day,
i wore my raincoat and went on the street.
fearless of the strong wind and downpour.

ended up with bagful of stuffs,
like discounted guilty-pleasure-teenage-romcoms, books and food.
and sunlight on my way back, we had half an hour of it before it sets.

made some low calories cookies,
and watched 10 Things I Hate About You.

have myself a day-off, la la la.

星期天, 去海邊.

看看展覽, 跟朋友聊聊天,

Sunday at the bay.

never have i seen seagulls so closely, they are big.
made it to the exhibition on it's last day,
gossip with my friend in Cantonese,
what a day.



小丁 siuding said...

咁靚我都想著 ^_^

eddixendersson said...

nice pose..and hey ~~~~ you've been to the exhibition !!!???

and sorry i stiff din't think of anyithing good enough to send to you for your exhibition....will it be too late if i send it to u by the end of this week ?

小丁 siuding said...

u mean u wanna join my exhibition or u have any exhibition invitation for me?

both are welcome ^_^
u can send it to me anytime

小丁 siuding said...
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