Cold feet.


阿, 終於交晒功課.
很不滿意的作品, 心情也很差.


ahh, handed in everything yesterday.
i am not pleased with my work, and it upsets me.
really grateful for having an understanding tutor.

for today, i deserve something nice and cozy,
to calm myself from the fuzz in the past few days.

* excuse my grammar mistake in the list, i wrote it last night before going to bed, i even dropped my pen a few times because of falling asleep.


小丁 siuding said...

^_^ he~

:3 said...

den, i am sad.

i am feeling frustrated with my blanked and stupid brain :(

i am like doing something which i don't really hope to do but i have to go on as there's already no time to change, but I din feel passionate to do so.

i am frightened.

Yee Ting :Denise said...

siuding: haha i didn't even have time to sleep! wanted to kill myself, but glad i didn't.

>3 :

no no no, you are never stupid! i got that feeling when i worked on my last project as well, just get it over and done with even you don't like it.

and forget about it.

if you ever think about it again, you may be able to look at it differently, or do it the way you want.

you know what, whatever you do, there will be people who will appreciate it, like me :0)


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