好興奮, 大概10﹣20英磅就買到.
(連郵費添!) 七十年代的最有味道
有寫字樓的感覺. 答答答 答答 ...

looking through ebay to get a bargain.
probably can get one at about 10-20 quid, so excited!
thinking of getting a 70's style, an olive green one would be ideal.
the sound it makes remind me of an office, dadada dada ...

最後這個好漂亮, 但在遙遠的阿美喱架.
the last one's really nice, but it's all the way at the States.

我跟你說, 打字機打的字真的是另些不同.
to be very honest with you, the types are absolutely exceptional from a typewriter.
打字的力度可以調節字體的明顯度, 非一般的體驗.
different strength gives the fonts unconditional clearness, wicked isn't it.

決定了. 我要.
i am determined to get one.


workshop Y. said...

yea... something typed by typewriters really got a different kind of feeling... especially in this generation, everything is replaced by computer and digital stuff... the analogue things really got their uniqueness and feel...

Anonymous said...

You're reading The Double? I love it. You must read until the end even though it can get slow at times.

Was the Tracey Emin show good? When is it on until and where? I'm really interested in her work.

Good to see your head is cleared now(:

小丁 siuding said...

我小學時都曾有一部打字機,見你講完諗番起好懷念。近日我又買左dymo,咁就買埋打字機都幾襯喎 ^_^

夫里小姐 said...

hmmmm .. initial but beautiful typeface by typewriters.

my mom gets one for her work but a modern one, btw, how to define the model of typewriters? actully I am doing research on typeface too. heehee .

Yee Ting :Denise said...

workshop Y, :)Cheers

hey yeh i think i am getting to the climax of the book, cause i can feel it is building up...
There was only a small section of Tracey Emin's work, and the Miranda July's exhibition was quite small too.
but i had a nice time at Newcastle :)

哇好威呀!小學就有打字機. 我都有過dymo帶,嗯我都有d想買, 咁就襯晒啦!

yeh there are electronic ones, but i am looking for a manual one.

it took me a while to research on them too, apparently the best brand is Olivetti. they are all very pretty, so do the words, and the sound, everything's nice about it.


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